Kartdagarna 2018 – 3B – The way to a spatially enabled Smart City

The strategic goal of the City of Helsinki in 2011 was to become a spatially enabled city. Until that year the geospatial information that has been produced by different operational was not easily available for users in other units and they even had to pay for the use. Helsinki started a ”Development program of geospatial data 2011-2014”. The objectives of the development program were to define geospatial data policy and geospatial data content that better meet the needs of users, as well as to develop the technical spatial data infrastructure. One of the goals was to enhance employees’ competence to use geospatial data. The presentation describes how the spartial data infrastructure has been developed so that geospatial data is available for all potential internal and external users. We also reveal whether the goals of the development program 2011-2014 were achived. The new strategy of Helsinki defines that Helsinki is globally the leading City in opening public data and in using it. In the presentation we list which geospatial data has been opened so far and what are the benefits.

Författare: Jaana Mäkelä
Datum: 20 mars 2018
Ursprung: Kartdagar 2018
Kartdagarna 2018 - 3B - The way to a spatially enabled Smart City

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